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Trace-Safe wires - 3 colors

Water Blocking Tracer Wire Connector System

You know the safety issues associated with locating and working around underground utilities and pipelines. You know the headaches brought on by a poor or nonexistent signal when you're trying to locate those utilities. And you know the expense of doubling up on inferior tracer wire in the hope that it remains unbroken and doesn't corrode. But most of all, you know that tracing and locating underground gas, water and sewer pipelines is a critical mission. Get it wrong and the results are serious – from high material and labor costs to serious if not life-threatening consequences.

That's why it's time for you to know Trace-Safe®, the Water Blocking Tracer Wire System from NEPTCO. It's the only comprehensive water blocking tracer wire system available today. It's a sophisticated system that's very smart, yet simple to use. It features time saving connectors which require no stripping of insulation and a unique locate clip that eliminates water penetration or a path for water to enter. With the Trace-Safe Water Blocking System, you'll save tremendous labor costs and attain the highest level of water blocking ever. Ideal for all trenching and directional boring applications in the gas, water, sewer, reclamation and telecom industries, Trace-Safe and the entire water blocking system is engineered and manufactured to deliver greater peace of mind, savings, and accurate location.

Trace-Safe Tracer Wire Installation


"Consolidated Edison Company of New York Takes Pipe Safety to a New Dimension with Trace-Safe for HDD."

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Natalino Giraldi
Sr. Specialist,
Environmental Health and Safety
Consolidated Edison Company of New York
"Our first 'Beta' test which was completed last fall showed improved results as our experience using the NEPTCO product continues. Platte 4 is very satisfied with TRACE-SAFE [for water] and the new connectors are very user friendly and easier to apply. We are ready to place another order!"
Frank Offutt
District Manager
Public Water Supply
District No. 4, Platte County, MO
"We successfully installed more than 1,400 feet of TRACE-SAFE using a cable blower and micro-duct in a network located in O'Neals, California. It blew in at about 100 feet per minute and I was impressed. I think TRACE-SAFE has great advantages in the field, particularly when high strength is required. The connectors make inline splicing easy, too. Even those that are not craft folks will be able to use them."
Todd Westfall
Engineering Supervisor
OSP Ponderosa Telephone Company
O'Neals, CA

Recent News

  • Latest Research & Test Resultsfrom GTI and OTD demonstrates Trace-Safe with ‘polymer fiber reinforced solid copper’ is the superior choice for HDD
  • Trace-Safe Now Available for Pipe bursting
  • Duke Energy of Charlotte, N.C., is now specifying Trace-Safe.
  • Transtelco logoTranstelco an El Paso, Texas telecommunications company is now specifying Trace-Safe.
  • PonderosaPonderosa of O'Neals, C.A., is now specifying Trace-Safe.
  • Now Specifying Trace-Safe®
    • PECO
    • Consolidated Edison
    • Missouri Gas
    • Desoto Gathering
    • Oasis Petroleum
    • Illinois American Water
    • Chesterfield County Water
    • City of Hartford, WI
    • City of Lexington, NC
    • Hanover County, DE
    • Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer
    • City of Pargould, AR
    • Tualitan Valley, OR
    • City of Albuquerque, NM
    • Comcast and City of Tampa, FL
    • Mid Rivers Telecom
    • University of Colorado
    • Marion County Florida
    • Lincoln Electric Services
    • Chesapeake Utilities
    • City of Tampa, FL
    • Vermont Gas
  • XTO Energy now using Trace-Safe for both gas and water pipelines.
  • Aqua America, a leading provider of drinking water and wastewater services for nearly 3 million people in 13 states, now specifies NEPTCO Trace-Safe water blocking tracer wire for their pipeline network.
  • Callaway Water District approves and now using Trace-Safe
  • Gazelle Oilfield Services approves and is installing Trace-Safe in Canada
  • NEPTCO TraceSafe Tracer Wire | Press Release