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Trace-Safe® provides the ideal solution for all your
tracer wire needs.

Trace-Safe® water blocking tracer wire is the best choice for all trenching and directional boring applications in the gas, water, sewer, reclamation and telecom industries. In fact, it is the only water-blocking tracer wire on the market. It’s engineered and manufactured to deliver peace of mind, savings, and accurate location.

Trace-Safe for Severe Directional Drills & Pipe bursting:

  • Economical alternative to expensive stainless steel tracer wire
  • Superior cut-through resistance
  • HDPE jacket reinforced with braided Kevlar®
  • Standard product has break strength of 1,800 lbs
  • Available with breaking strengths of over 3,000 lbs
    (and still less expensive than traditional stainless steel tracer wire)
  • Superior product for wireline monitoring systems

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The anatomy of water-blocking Trace-Safe®.

Water-blocking Trace-Safe® features

  • 19 AWG solid copper conductor
  • high density polyethylene insulation material
  • water-blocking yarns
  • woven polyester (for tensile and breaking strength)

Greater peace of mind.

Greater Safety - Lightning“Dig safe” is a directive that everyone in the underground utility environment follows. But tracing safely is equally important. Whether you’re installing a new line or repairing an old one, a strong, long-lasting tracer wire will give you greater peace of mind.

If a tracer wire’s conductor is susceptible to corrosion, it will inevitably break down and interfere with signal strength. But Trace-Safe® features unique water-blocking characteristics, so its conductor will not corrode. Combine that with Trace-Safe’s inherently higher signal strength, and you get easier and more precise location — which is especially important when locating gas and sewer lines. Check out the results of our water blocking tracer wire locate comparison test.

For even more peace of mind, Trace-Safe® will not conduct an electrical current if struck by lightning, so it keeps anyone who is working further down the line safe.

Greater savings.

Greater Savings - Coins Trace-Safe® water blocking tracer wire from NEPTCO is the only tracer wire that actually saves you money. It costs less than traditional solid copper tracer wire, and features superior impact and breaking strength. Its impact strength ensures continuity in open trench applications where it might contact rocks, shovels and equipment like backhoes. Its high tensile and breaking strength eliminates the need to use two standard copper or copper-clad steel wires during directional boring, so you save on usage alone.

Greater accuracy.

 Greater Accuracy - Mike Parilac Made with 19 AWG copper conductor, Trace-Safe® provides accurate location because it carries a precise signal. It locates on frequencies of 9.5, 38 and 80 KHz and outperforms 12 AWG copper tracer wire. Check out the results of our water blocking tracer wire locate comparison test.